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Modular Timber Frame

Bespoke projects according to individual drawings & options to choose from Our Designs.

Wooden roof trusses

Certified bespoke roof trusses designed on the software for different size projects

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Living House

Traditional and modern styles and various sizes

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Holiday Houses

Summer houses, vocation cabins, camping, ski cabins

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Small Houses & Other

Outside Offices, Garden Guest House, Music studios, pods, extensions

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

“Nice and easy to work with. A house is a complex product and we are happy for great cooperation despite all our special demands. Now we have a house that we are happy for and will last for long time.”

Annette Philip(Sweden, Living House, 2019)

“Very impressed with the quality, looks great and very happy with the finished result! Good value too!”

Mike Beaumont(England, Garden Music Studio, 2019)

“Very nice guys and we solved all problems fast and easy on the field and over phone.”

Matthias Backtemo(Sweden, Living House, 2019)

I would like to thank the employees of UAB "Liskandas", who made quality and well manufactured roof trusses. I would especially like to thank the designer - engineer Evaldas V., who took care to provide all necessary product advice, took care of production and delivery to Kaunas. It was very nice to receive a call to inquire whether the product has reached the place successfully, whether the customer is satisfied with the quality of the product and so on. I recommend contacting this company.

Audrius Lukosevicius (Lithuania, Living House, 2018)Good project coordination, great job of the assembly team

In 2014 and 2015 we were looking for a company that would produce a house based on our drawings, and we were very fortunate to contact Liskandas. From the first contact to after finishing the work, Liskandas has demonstrated a professionalism and service mindedness that we are not used to in Norway. The professional communication with our contact, Greta has been outstanding, her knowledge and eagerness to find good solutions is just moving. Also, the guys that were assembling the house were highly skilled, and had great work ethics. I would recommend Liskandas to anyone considering building a house, and can be contacted for more info.

Simen Mosberg(Norway, Living house, 2015)

Very pleased with the service and the quality of the house I bought.

Birkir Bodvarsson(Islandija, Holiday House 2018)

Good communication between me and the planning staff. I'm telling my customers that the quality of materials is exeptional because the materials are stored in dry and controlled shads. Exeptional good quality. Staff is good trained and do their best. I'm recommending Liskandas as often as possible, also to professional partners. Liskandas is building quality worth living in...

MERplan / MERhus AS(Norway, Living House, 2015, LOGO)