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What kind of wood are roof trusses made of??

We make our trusses from the high-quality calibrated dried to the required standards C24 class softwood.


How much do wooden roof trusses cost?

Cheaper than your kitchen set 🙂 If jokes aside, every single truss project has to be estimated individually after initial design work is done. For more information on what can affect the cost please read here.


Is it necessary to impregnate truss wood?

We do not offer it by default. Due to the fact that we use calibrated dried wood to make the trusses, impregnation with antiseptics would be redundant. Technologically, in the construction of a correctly laid roof, moisture will never be generated from calibrated dried wood, which is one of the main factors for the emergence of mold.


Will the roof trusses hold my roof?

The trusses are able to withstand enormous loads, the effects of which we always check with specialized computer equipment. In some Scandinavian projects, our trusses are designed to withstand as much as 0.3-0.5 m of grass/earth layer as a final roof cover combined with a couple of meters of snow. So we will definitely find a solution for your home.


What makes wooden roof trusses better than reinforced concrete or steel?

Wooden roof trusses are cheaper than reinforced concrete or metal. Also, wooden trusses weigh less, which results in less load on the walls and foundations. And here you can save again. They are faster to manufacture, easier to install, suitable for aggressive environments (metals should be painted). They are indispensable for the implementation of a wide range of architectural solutions and often contribute to the exclusive design of the ceiling. For the roof of an individual house, wooden trusses are the most suitable and cheapest option.


How long does it take to produce roof trusses?

It takes 1 to 3 days to produce a set of roof trusses for a standard living house.


How to store trusses brought to the construction site?

Trusses from our factory are delivered to the site ready for installation and lifted onto the walls of the house. As a result, you will not require any extra space to store them.

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