Wooden Roof Trusses

We offer wooden roof trusses together with house kits and as a seperate product.

Wooden trusses are industrially manufactured wooden roof constructions, the elements of which are interconnected by special metal connector plates with integral teeth. A special high-force press, that evenly joins the truss elements to one rigid unit, is used for the process. This maximizes the properties of wood and metal and results in a reliable, optimal and long-lasting product.

From us you can receive all roof truss services from consulting to design, production and on-site delivery. We produce trusses for buildings of all types and complexities – from garages to large extensions. We design and manufacture roof constructions not only for our kit house projects, but also as a separate order. To estimate the cost of truss production for your house we will require architectural drawings from you – floor plans, sections, facades and, if you have, roof plans.

What are the advantages of wooden roof trusses?

Eco and sustainable

Wood is a natural and environmentally friendly building material. Spans of up to 24 m can be covered with trusses of traditional forms. Software calculations are extremely accurate, so the probability of errors is minimal. In the production of our trusses we use only high-quality graded structural wood and certified nail plates supplied by MITEK.

Savings in cost and time

The use of specialized equipment optimizes raw materials and production costs, so that 40% less wood is used to produce trusses compared to traditional roof construction. Production lasts only 1-3 days and is not affected by weather conditions. Assembly of a single dwelling roof construction takes 1-3 days.

What are the project stages of wooden roof trusses?

Design process

The secret of our successful result is not only high-quality materials – but also specialized design software for wooden structures, which is part of MiTek’s world-leading truss production system. With the help of this software and our specialists, our customers receive only the most modern and efficient solutions. Since 2014 we are the owners of the CE certificate for truss production and are supervised by the well-known British certification company BM Trada.

Usually we apply the traditional rafter design available to the client and design it into trussed structure. When designing roofs with a help of specialized software, optimal cross-sections and sizes of the elements are selected, the required real quantities of materials are estimated and detailed drawings are prepared for production. To ensure easy communication with our customers, most of whom are not specialists in this field, we present design results in 3D visualizations, which makes it easier for them to understand and for us to create the product they asked for. The calculations are extremely accurate, so the probability of errors is minimal. Ensuring our constant work in optimizing raw material and production costs, we can offer the right price to our customer.
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Production process

When design drawings are confirmed by the client the project is sent to production. Separate parts are cut with CNC machine and pressed together on both sides with nail plates using a hydraulic press by RANDEK.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the trusses are manufactured in the factory in just 1-3 days.

Assembly process

Offsite manufactured roof trusses are particularly easy to install. As the truss leaves the factory completely ready for installation, our clients do not need additional storage space and trusses are loaded from the trailer directly on to the roof.

For the same reason assembly duration of a regular medium-sized house roof structure is shortened from a week to a couple of days.

This is especially important when building site is surrounded by neighbours or when it is essential to quickly cover the roof to protect sheltered materials or living quarters (renovation). The biggest advantage of offsite manufactured wooden trusses is a significant reduction in labour costs.

Here are some examples of our finished roof truss projects

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