Log houses

We are manufacturing log houses according to time tested Scandinavian technology.

The construction of log houses has originated in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe since the Bronze Age.

In every part of Europe people used different construction techniques, each with its own distinctive features, depending on the traditions, civilization and level of craft that prevailed there. Majority of them are kept until today, however we see the shift towards modern construction styles and we are happy to offer you modern solutions in combination with traditional.

The smell of natural wood, its texture and strength are one of the first impressions you get when you enter a log house, nonetheless it provides healthy living environment. Log buildings are commonly used as a residential, holiday, and weekend homes.

The quality of timber is very important in creation of a high-quality log house. For such reason our trees come from mature forests only and each log is attentionally selected. With the variety of log house types that we offer, we are sure you will find one of your favourites. You can choose from manually processed, machine processed log houses or log houses in combination with timber frame construction.

Contact us today and we can give you direct advice on which type is best for your project, whether it is a residential house, holiday or weekend cabin, garden office, sauna, playground building or other. We build bespoke designs, which gives us the power to create unique cabins according to our clients demands. Send us your drawings and we can start communication from there.

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Log house types

Log houses can be divided into two types: manual and machined. Both types are popular and competitive and are selected depending on the capabilities, construction complexity, price and design demands. Log houses can also be additionally insulated on the inside and outside using a modern wood panel construction.

Handmade log houses

The main feature of hand-crafted house is the natural beauty that remains in them, as the uniqueness of each log is preserved. The highest quality wood that meets special requirements is used for this type – each log is selected, processed, dried and applied individually.

Log house manufactured by hand is truly one of a kind.
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Machined log houses

The advantage of machined log houses is a more affordable price, versatility, which allows them to be adapted to various needs and create the desired interior and exterior. This type is more suitable for contemporary design ideas, looks neater and more modern.

Machined log house allows to make desirable design decisions and keep the features of a log house.
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