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It is cheaper than your kitchen set! Ok, but if talking in real terms, the cost of wood roof trusses depends on many different aspects that are unique for every single roof truss project. Thus, each roof truss has to be evaluated individually after the first stage of roof design.

What determines the price of roof trusses?

  • Roof type – shed roof, gable roof, hip roof or complex construction;
  • Required length and size of trusses according to the house design (amount of wood);
  • Type of trusses – typical, attic;
  • Snow load at the location;
  • The choice of roof finish;
  • What the package includes – only production, or design, delivery and assembly as well?

These are the key indicators that change the truss design the most, and therefore the price of the trusses.

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What are the types of roof trusses?

There are many types of roof trusses. The main reason is that wood has unlimited design flexibility, which is one of the advantages of wooden roof trusses. We are confident we will find an optimal option for your project. We have produced many trusses throughout the company’s experience, but several of them are one of the most popular, namely:

Typical roof trusses 

These are roof trusses, the internal volume of which is “filled” with a structure. Thus, typical trusses are not used in places where additional living space needs to be created in an attic. The space is often unused or at least used as storage. This may seem like a disadvantage, but it makes this type of truss cheaper. Typical trusses are strong and well-performing. They are resistant to heavy snow and wind loads. And because of no additional room weight, they allow the design of large spans. This makes it very suitable for people who want to have large, spacious rooms without partitions.


Attic trusses

These are roof trusses, the construction of which allows creating an additional living space. In some cases, this room may occupy the entire internal volume of the trusses; and in more complex cases (when the loads or spans are larger), only a part of it. Due to the weight of this living space, as well as the structure of the truss, the lower strip is subjected to higher loads compared to typical trusses. It is often the desire of customers to have as much extra space as possible, which complicates the truss design. Often, one or even a few additional vertical loadbearing items – partitions or columns – are needed to help support the weight. In such cases, we are looking for the most optimal and rational solution to both win space and save money.

Such roof structure is more expensive compared to other structures. However, if an estimate is made for the entire building, the bottom strip of the attic structure acts not only as part of the roof structure but also the slab/floor over the bottom floor. In this case, the customer saves because there is no longer a need for a separate floor covering.


Mitek Truss types

Our technology allows us to produce a lot of trusses of different shapes. Possible truss variations are shown below. Each truss is designed according to the project of the house, the roof plan, the structures included in the roof, so the possibilities of their shapes are practically limitless.


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